OS Update Guide

0. Download the OS-image-file from [OS Updates] page.
The name of the file is 'bitt101-x.yyy.zzzz.uf2'.

1. Gently pull up the CAPSLOCK keycap from bitt101.

step1. pull the CAPSLOCK keycap out

2. You can see two buttons saying 'BOOT' and 'RESET' on the PCB

3. Press the 'RESET' button while holding the 'BOOT' button.
Or with one finger, press both buttons and release lower button(RESET)

4. If you did 3 correctly, you'll see a thumb drive came up on your computer with familiar USB new device connecting sound.
The name of the drive is RPI-RP2.

5. Copy bitt101.uf2 file into the RPI-RP2 drive.

6. Wait until the bitt101 is updating the filesystem and reset it self.

7. Done!


Thank you very much. :)